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BAU Health Care Center is a department of this University that deals with  Health management of BAU students, teachers, Officeres, Employees and their family members. It is mainly an "out door" service center that works 363 days (except two Eid day) of the whole year, 24 hours in three shift (morning, evening and night). So all members of this community gets health advice, treatment and health management 24 hours a day, round the week, whole the year from this center "free of cost". Only students get Medicine "free of cost". Health care center has investigation facilities like blood test of 40 items, stool test, Urine test, X-ray facilities, Ultrasonogram & ECG facilities with very minimum cost. We have dental & Diabetic unit for Diabetic and Dental problem patient. For transfer of serious patient University has two Ambulance at its central pool and Ambulance usually moves at the advice of "on duty doctor". Top floor of health care center has only "indoor word" for quarantine of infectious disease affected male student.

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